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The eLearning Center is our online library of nonprofit resources, including helpful videos, templates, tool-kits and best-practice samples. Catch past Nonprofit Connect presentations on your own time and get the resources you need, right when you need them.

The eLearning Center is an exclusive benefit of Nonprofit Connect membership.

eLearning Resources Now Free

Nonprofit Connect knows that the pandemic and racial equity work are increasing demand for nonprofit services, and also making our missions even more important. That’s why we’ve removed all cost from our eLearning Center. Every resource is now free for members.

Member Access Instructions

You can now access the eLearning Center from the homepage of Nonprofit Connect’s Member Information Center.

  1. Log in to the Member Information Center.
  2. Click the Resources button on the top menu.
  3. Use the Categories on the lefthand side, or the Search field on the top to find nonprofit resources.

View this screenshot to easily find the eLearning Center. If you need help with your member login, please contact us.

How to video:

Emily Hane, our Director of Learning, will walk you through how to login and access the eLearning Center from our Member Information Center (MIC).

Sample Resources

Are you interested in Nonprofit Connect’s eLearning Center, but not yet a member? Access to the eLearning Center is just one of the many benefits of membership. Check out our sample resources, and consider joining to access hundreds of additional tools.

Your First Nonprofit Board

Joining your first Nonprofit Board? This quick six minute video will give you a introduction on what you should expect, and provide, before joining your first Nonprofit Board.

Your First 100 Days In Volunteer Management: Guidebook

Take a crash course in Volunteer Management with this Beginner's Guide. Assess your needs, build your network and find out what the next steps are in order to truly thrive as a Volunteer Manager.

Join Today

Nonprofit Connect membership is one of the smartest investments your organization can make. Take advantage of valuable benefits and resources that help you and your staff further your mission, including completely free access to our eLearning Center.

We offer affordable membership for nonprofit organizations, and the businesses and consultants that serve the nonprofit community. Membership starts at $13 per month.


We built the eLearning Center to be a resource for our members, and we’re constantly creating and curating new content. If you have questions, or are looking for a specific resource, please reach out to Emily Hane, Director of Learning at