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  • District Executive

    Boy Scouts of America-Heart of America Council
    Job Description
    Serve as professional executive in administering all assigned responsibilities on behalf of the council and the Boy Scouts of America. Responsible for overall district operations in assigned district. Serve existing chartered organizations by ensuring that quality resources and tools are available to fulfill their mission through Scouting. Responsible for recruitment of quality manpower, recruitment of youth members and organization of new units, district fund raising planning and implementation, program development and delivery, and quality unit service. Responsibilities 1. CHARTERED ORGANIZATIONS. Visit the head of each chartered organization annually. Survey each institutional head to establish needs and identify areas of improvement. Develop a plan to improve the quality of service to each organization. Seek out, cultivate and develop new potential organizations to charter positive Scouting programs. 2. MANPOWER. Recruit sufficient quality men and women to serve on district committee and commissioner staff. Regularly identify and call upon prospective manpower to tell Scouting story. Ensure that proper training and coaching occur for each position. Recruit and develop district nominating committee to enhance quality of manpower in the district. Serve as the motivator and manager of the district committee. Work effectively with district Key-3 and Management Team by planning and organizing district work to meet district objectives and achieving Centennial Quality District Status. 3. MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT. Increase membership density of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Ventures in the district. Maintain growth in Tigers, Cubs, Webelos, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Ventures. Show an increase in total units over previous year. Reduce the number of dropped units over previous year and improve retention of existing members. 4. FRIENDS OF SCOUTING. Achieve district Friends of Scouting objectives. Serve as campaign manager for district family, community, and leadership FOS campaigns by following council campaign plans, including analysis, prospecting and development. Meet or exceed district?s FOS goal. Increase total number of donors over previous year. Recruit, train, and motivate sufficient quality men and women to make the campaigns successful. 5. POPCORN. Achieve district popcorn sales campaign objectives. Serve as campaign manager for popcorn campaign by maintaining campaign schedule, organizing unit participation, and increasing number of units, Scouts, and gross sales over previous year. 6. SERVICE CLUB INVOLVEMENT. Be active in a service club in your service area. 7. PROGRAM. Manage program function of district operations. Control the fiscal management of all district program budgets. Ensure that quality well rounded; purpose driven activities are provided to enhance unit operations. Monitor unit advancement as indicator of unit health. Ensure quality training events occur regularly in district for unit volunteers. Promote participation in camping/outdoor experiences including Summer Camp, Cub Day Camp, and Webelos Resident Camp. 8. UNIT SERVICE. Recruit, train, and motivate unit commissioners. Achieve minimum ratio of 1 active commissioner per 3 units. Provide quality Roundtable experiences for unit leaders. Develop and maintain a yearly unit service plan. Supervise all unit rechartering, achieving 92% on-time unit rechartering. 9. MODE OF OPERATION. Be a model of the ideals of Scouting. Represent the council in a positive way. Work cooperatively with leadership, coworkers, and others. Be able to make and keep commitments, completing assignments on time. Effectively manage time and organize work to achieve expected results. Be efficient at backdating and planning. Use innovation and adaptability to be most effective. Use all available resources efficiently. Accept coaching and skill development. Be able to communicate expectations to others and manage several projects simultaneously. Qualifications Over 21 Years of Age 4-Year College Degree Hours - Full Time Application Instructions Send Resume to Ray.Brauer@Scouting.org Benefits Medical Dental Vision Retirement 401K Auto Allowance Cell Phone Allowance