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Members-Only Offers

Our Business Premium Members support the nonprofit sector by providing discounts and special deals exclusively for Nonprofit Connect members. Mention your Nonprofit Connect membership to take advantage of Members-Only Offers on quality services, technology and products.

Find discounts and offers for fundraising and software services, marketing and print services, board assessment and strategic planning services, cybersecurity services, legal and financial services, and continuing education.

We advise that you contact a business member's references to ensure that their products or services are right for your needs. Participation in the Business Members program does not constitute a recommendation by Nonprofit Connect.

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Technology & Facilities

Secure your data! Our network scan will collect data from all connected devices and uncover security issues, measure risk and provide recommended solutions. Then, one of our friendly engineers will work with you one-on-one to remediate the problems. Available only to nonprofits with more than 10 computer users.

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Fundraising Software

Banking Services

Financial & Accounting Services

Grant Writing Services

Insurance & Benefit Services

Leadership Assessment & Strategic Planning

Legal Services

Marketing & Print Services

Business Premium Members

Interested in becoming a Business Member? Learn more.