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Nonprofit Connect membership is one of the smartest investments you can make in your organization and your career. That's why we now offer eMembership as an affordable way to take advantage of our valuable online resources and benefits, even if you're not our neighbor. Organizations located outside of metro Kansas City* can access on-demand training, funding research tools, and exclusive discounts that will help you further your mission.

We offer both Organization eMembership and Individual eMembership, with varying benefits to meet your specific needs.

Organization eMembership

Benefits of Organization eMembership extend to your organization's entire staff and board of directors. Click on each benefit below to learn more.

BinnocularsFind funding.

Learn online and on-demand.

People IconsBuild a great team.

Megaphone Tell your story.

Piggy Bank Save time and money.

EnvelopeStay up to date.

Individual eMembership

Invest in your career for good. Click on each benefit below to learn more. Benefits are nontransferable.

Learn online and on-demand.

EnvelopeStay up to date.

eMembership Dues Schedule

Organization eMembership      $275

Individual eMembership           $85

*Nonprofit Connect eMembership is only available to organizations located outside of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Check this list to ensure your zip code does not fall within our region. If you are located inside the Kansas City metro, please read more about Nonprofit Membership.


To learn how eMembership can help your organization, contact us at or 816-888-5600.