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Luann Feehan Skilled Speaker

Luann Feehan

President & CEO

Luann Feehan joined Nonprofit Connect in 2012 as the Executive Director. Luann is a sought-after expert on nonprofit trends and best-practices, and a leading voice in Kansas City’s nonprofit community. She has been invited to similar markets across the country to share her knowledge on nonprofit and association programs. Luann is a Certified BoardSource Governance Trainer and DiSC Behavioral Assessment Trainer. She brings over twenty years of experience in leading successful nonprofit teams.

An accomplished and awarded veteran of the association industry, Luann Feehan’s success in business comes from her visionary mindset and dedication to the member-centric model. Her motto? You get what you want by helping others get what they want.


Jackie Baker

Senior Director of Member Relations

Colin Bennett, Marketing Manager

Colin Bennett

Marketing Manager

Emily Hane Headshot

Emily Hane

Director of Learning

Beth edit

Beth Kuta

Executive Assistant

Jen Newell Events Manager

Jen Newell

Events Manager

Staff Photos by J. Robert Schraeder Photography, Gary Rohman, and Rob Smith.