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Nonprofit Connect Board of Directors group photo

Our Board

Nonprofit Connect is redefining the nonprofit experience. Our Board of Directors brings together esteemed representatives from the nonprofit sector, for-profit businesses and community funders to maximize our capacity to serve our members.

2019 Officers

Valerie Nicholson-Watson Harvesters Nonprofit Connect Board Member

Valerie Nicholson-Watson
President & CEO
Harvesters- The Community Food Network

Jake Jacobson Children's Mercy, Nonprofit Connect Board Member

Jake Jacobson
VP, Growth & Partnerships
Native Digital, LLC

Macaela Stephenson Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City Nonprofit Connect Board Member

Vice President
Macaela Stephenson
Manager of Community Relations and Investment
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

Tondee Lutterman BKD Nonprofit Connect Board Member

Past President
Tondee' Lutterman
National Industry Partner- Not-for-Profit

Leslie Sims RSM Nonprofit Connect Board Member

Leslie Sims

2019 Directors

Laura Berger
Saint Luke's Foundation

Lynne Brown
iBossWell, Inc.

Clifton Campbell
Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City

Rita Cortes
Menorah Heritage Foundation

Lewis Gregory
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Jennifer Ingraham
University of Missouri-Kansas City Foundation

Sheri Johnson
McCownGordon Construction

Amy Kligman
Charlotte Street Foundation

Martin Kraus

Jami Shipman
Lathrop Gage

Precious Stargell Cushman
Community LINC

Cassie Pikarsky
Truman Library Institute
Ex-officio Director

For a listing of past board leadership, click here.

Board photos by Gary Rohman Photography