• Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Nonprofit Connect do?

    Nonprofit Connect links the nonprofit community to education, resources and networking so organizations can more effectively achieve their missions. 

    We provide professional development programs, nonprofit management resources, and a regional nonprofit job board, as well as membership for nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals.


  • Do you provide assistance with starting a nonprofit organization?

    Nonprofit Connect does not provide assistance with starting a nonprofit, and Organizational Membership is only for established nonprofit organizations. Here are some other local resources that can help with starting a nonprofit organization:

     - Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership
     - Nonprofit Solutions
     - Kansas City Public Library


    I'm an individual looking for help with an everyday need like temporary housing, food pantry or counseling.

    Nonprofit Connect is not able to provide resources for individuals. 

    We recommend calling United Way by dialing 2-1-1 from any phone. United Way 2-1-1 is a free, confidential service where you'll reach a caring professional who can connect you with local services to help.


    I'm looking for a specific kind of nonprofit organization.

    Check out the Nonprofit Connect Member Directory, which lists over 500 local nonprofit organizations. The directory has filters to search by type of organization.


    How can Nonprofit Connect help promote my nonprofit event?

    Anyone can post an event on our free, public Community Events Calendar.


  • JobLink Questions

    How much does it cost to post a job on Nonprofit Connect's website?

    Organization and Business Members - $25 per week
    Individual Members and Nonmembers - $50 per week

    Positions must be for a nonprofit organization. To get started, visit our Post a Nonprofit Opportunity page.


    How do I edit a job post?

    Log in, click Job Postings from the lefthand menu, then click the orange button that says Manage Job Postings. Click on the job title of the post you want to edit and that will bring you to the original form you filled out. Make your edits and click Save Changes at the bottom. It will update automatically on the website.

    Click here for a guide with screenshots.


    How do I renew or extend a job post?

    You can now easily renew a job post!

    To renew your job post, log in and click Job Postings from the lefthand menu. Then click the orange button that says Manage Job Postings. Find the job that you want to renew and click Copy on the righthand side. All the information from the previous post will populate. Just select new dates, and then click Purchase. Watch this step-by-step video for more help.


    How do I view a job that is in my shopping cart or has already been posted?

    Log in, click Job Postings from the lefthand menu, then click the orange button that says Manage Job Postings. Click on the job title of the post you want to view.


    How do I apply for a position posted on your website?

    Nonprofit Connect is not involved with the application process. We only post the jobs on our website. To apply for an opening, please follow the instructions in the posting. If there are no instructions, please contact the organization directly.


  • Membership Questions

    How much does Nonprofit Connect membership cost?

    Nonprofit Organization Membership: Annual dues range between $125 - $1,000. 
    Dues depend on your organization's prior fiscal year income. The dues schedule can be found here.

    Business Membership: $250
    Business Premium Membership: $750

    Individual Membership: $125

    Learn more about Nonprofit Connect membership!


    What does the Primary or Billing Contact mean on my Nonprofit Connect membership?

    The Primary contact is the main contact for your member account. The Primary contact can edit the organization or business information in the Member Directory and can add or remove employees and board members from the member account.

    The Billing contact is the person in charge of accounts payable who receives statements from Nonprofit Connect.


    How do I add or remove employees and/or board members from our member record?

    Only the Primary contact can add or remove employees and/or board members.

    Log in, click Company Information on the lefthand side, and then click Employees. Here you can delete people who are no longer with your organization and you can also add new employees and board members by clicking the orange button at the bottom that says Add Employee/Rep. Fill out the form (with at least first and last names and email address, and preferably title.)

    *Very Important: Make sure to check the box at the bottom under Login Access. This will prompt our system to send the new employee an email with a link where they can create their own Nonprofit Connect login. If you forget that step, contact us so we can send that email manually.


    How do I use all of my membership benefits?

    Check out the Membership Benefits section of our eLearning Center, which has instructional videos on using JobLink, Community Events Calendar, Member Directory, and more.


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