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  • Post a Nonprofit Opportunity

  • Nonprofit Connect is the region's nonprofit career headquarters, offering one of the premier nonprofit position information portals on the web. On any given day, over 200 openings are posted on JobLink, InternLink and BoardLink, which receive an average of 150,000 page views per month.


    If you have an open position to post, please read the following instructions:

    1. Log into the Member Information Center.

      If you need login credentials, contact info@npconnect.org to be assigned a temporary password.

    2. Once you are logged in to the Member Information Center, click Job Postings in the left-hand menu.

      Then click the orange Add a Job Posting button at the top of the list of jobs.

    3. Fill out the form with the position information.

      Only one job allowed per ad on JobLink and InternLink. All positions must be for a nonprofit. Ads will be screened to ensure compliance with these rules.

    4. Be sure to select the correct category associated with your posting.

      If you are posting a position for your board of directors select the category Board of Directors, or an internship select the category Internship. For all other postings select the category that is most closely associated with the position.

    5. Select the number of weeks you want the ad to run. See pricing information below.

    6. Click Purchase.

    7. Review your Shopping Cart and click Continue with Checkout.

    8. Fill out the credit card information and click Purchase.

    All postings are monitored by Nonprofit Connect and will be approved at least twice per business day. Ads posted on Saturday and Sunday will not be approved until Monday morning. If you would like your ad to be posted on Sunday, the ad must be submitted and paid by 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Payments for all postings are non-transferable and non-refundable.

    Pricing Structure

    We offer weekly pricing structure for job ads. You are in control of how many weeks you want your ad to run! 

    JobLink, InternLink and BoardLink
    Organization & Business Members- $25 per week*
    Individual Members & Non-Members- $50 per week

    *For a limited time, organization level members can post a position to BoardLink for one month free of charge! To get started, complete our quick and easy BoardLink Template and email it to Nonprofit Connect.

    Only one job allowed per ad on JobLink and InternLink. All positions must be for a nonprofit organization. Ads will be screened to ensure compliance with these rules.

    Organization & Business Members- Free
    Individual Members & Non-Members- $25 per week

    Additional Benefits

    You now have access to reports and statistics on the positions you post, including the number of views your ad receives. To access this information, log in to the Member Information Center, click the Reports button in the top menu row and then click Job Posting Views from the left-hand menu.

    You are now able to add your organization’s logo to the ad, which means great visibility for your open position.

    Additional Promotion
    Nonprofit Connect gives open positions additional promotion in The Link weekly e-newsletter and Twitter.

    Please email info@npconnect.org or call 816-888-5600.